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William. D. Gann

He was one of the most successful traders that ever lived.

Born in Lufkin, Texas on June 6, 1878, William D Gann started commodity trading and stock market trading in 1902, and moved to New York City in 1908, opening his own brokerage firm, W.D. Gann & Co., at 18th and Broadway.

William D Gann took more than 50 million dollars in profits out of the markets! In today's markets that would be closer to 500 million dollars! After many decades of incredible trading success, W D Gann moved to Miami, Florida where he continued his writings and studies up until his death on June 14, 1955.

So accurate were W.D. Gann's techniques that in the in the presence of representatives of a major financial publication, he made 286 trades in a period of 25 market days, on both the long and short sides of the market. Of these, 264 trades were profitable! Read articles on W.D. Gann in our Trading Resources Articles. In 1933 Mr. Gann made 479 trades during the year. 422 were winners and 57 were losers. The return on his capital was a staggering 4000%.

Mr. Gann consistently repeated these incredible trading feats, issuing amazing forecasts in a number of markets one year in advance.

His use of Natural Law and geometric proportions based on the circle, square, and triangle are as effective today in the Stock Market and Commodities Markets as they were 50 years ago. His techniques work in any market. His methods seem a bit unusual and even mystical to many traders, but they have proven themselves time and again over the past century.

Since his death, W.D. Gann has become something of a legend in financial circles. His capacity to make big financial gains (both on the market, the Cuban lottery and horse racing) gave him a reputation for uncanny knowledge of market trends.

Gann Management Articles Below:-

2000/2009 - A Debauched Decade

On appraising the last 10 years I searched for a heading which would fully encapsulate the flavour of the first decade of the new century. I finally hit on the word ‘debauched’, why debauched? Well the following words are associated with it in thesaurus which I felt were more than befitting.

Corrupt, demoralized, depraved, lead astray, pervert, pollute, abandoned, degenerate, degraded, immoral, perverted, excess etc.

Looking over this period from a financial perspective I find each one of the above can take their rightful place on the events which took their toll during this interesting, sometimes exciting but always with a decadent odor. Now that I am long in years it is easier to express concern when making comparisons with finer times. A study of the last decade uncovers establishment mistakes or perhaps, calculated self interest decisions spewing out all over the place. click here for more.

The Dragon Time Bomb


The western world’s debt burden is growing exponentially and is desperately necessitating the search for creditors in order to supply the capital to support these crunched economies. Sovereign debt in the form of Treasury Bonds and Gilts will be the predominant method of raising this capital. A large chunk will have to be sought from foreign countries.

This was the case in the 1970’s when the huge rise in oil prices transferred the world’s excess wealth to the Middle East. This excess wealth was then distributed mainly to the USA. The USA promptly allowed inflation to take hold in order to pay back the loans with cheaper dollars. This was a double whammy against the creditors as when the US dollar falls US Treasury yield rises with a fall in Bond values. Eventually the Arabs after taking the bait suffered losses in excess of 30%. click here for more.

Trading For a Living Using Gann

W D Gann was one of the most famous investors of all time and a portrait hangs of him in the New York Stock Exchange in recognition of his achievements. This article is all about how to build wealth and trading for a living..

Let’s look at Gann’s methods and how you can use his tools to make yourself some big profits to..

Gann’s methods were all based upon the theory that market action repeats itself..

As humans our psychology is constant and as we are ones who create market prices this psychology repeats itself again and again in price action.

Gann used technical analysis to make his trades and when he traded at the turn of the century he employed a team of draughtsman to construct the charts. click here for more.

Commodity Trading For Big Profits

This article is all about trading commodities for big profits and how to make money.

Look at any chart of any commodity, you will see trends and it these trends you want to lock into and trade for profit. The best way to do this is with a technical trading system and you should be looking to trade the longer term trends as these yield the biggest profits.

There are lots of good trading methods, but the most important point to keep in mind is you need to understand the method and why it will work and have confidence in it. click here for more.

FREE Gann Lesson No. 1

Gann Analysis Made Truly Understandable

For the past decade or so there have been a number of books claiming to make understanding Gann easy. Most investors we have spoken to are of the opinion that these books failed to reach such a lofty but laudable objective. We are of the same opinion. The books we have read have certainly not been easy to follow and in many instances Gann's techniques have been mixed up with other less powerful methods of analysis which have watered down the effect of Gann's genius.

Gann Management Ltd has been teaching investors the techniques of W.D. Gann for the past 29 years without any reference to any other analysis method. The techniques taught have been extracted from Gann's books or more importantly from his courses. click here for more.

FREE Gann Lesson No. 2

Before commencing upon our journey it should be emphasized that the object of this series of lessons is to make money. It is not to examine the reasons why the rules work.

This is not a conversation of ‘Why's’ but an illustration of 'How's'. It is not meant to be a sophisticated dialogue with immense truths being exploded. There has been a great deal of conjecture of a magic method, which Gann discovered. We doubt whether such a magic truth exists but our methods can account for the way the markets work in all conditions and at all times. click here for more.

FREE Gann Lesson No. 3

Percentage movements are the third piece of our jigsaw puzzle and it is a very large piece indeed.

'One of the greatest discoveries I ever made was how to figure the percentage of high and low prices on the averages and individual stocks. The percentages of extreme high and low levels indicate future resistance levels. W.D. Gann 1949.

This Gann principle is, without doubt, the most important of all technical analysis techniques. When the 'Percentage' technique is truly mastered the true reasons why highs and lows are formed whether short term, medium term or long term will be fully understood. Such knowledge will allow the determination of the natural laws that dictate all tops and bottom for all the world's price movements. You don't believe it? Then join the crowd. click here for more.

LISTEN to ‘their’ truth; IGNORE IT; then do the opposite; OR BE DOOMED!

"The idea that you can fix a period of excess borrowing and excess consumption by more borrowing and more consumption is just ludicrous"

This is ‘their’ current madness…just like giving a collapsed paralytic drunk a bottle of whisky…he then chokes on his own vomit (hyper inflation)

This year could prove to be one of the most exciting and profitable of years for decades. Few will benefit from the treasures to be unearthed so before we embark upon this pursuit a look at investors’ flaws would seem appropriate. click here for more.

Gann Technical Analysis

William D. Gann developed a number of unique technical analysis methods for chart price movements.

Gann payed most attention to angles reflecting the relation between the time and the price. Gann believed that certain geometrical figures and angles have specific advantages when being used for forecasting future price movements. click here for more.

Gann Theory

Documented evidence from his time supports the claim that Gann was definitely on to something.

In the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange, stands a life-sized picture of W D. Gann (1878 - 1955) and this is a testament to his standing amongst traders worldwide. Today he remains one of the most influential traders of all time click here for more.

William Delbert Gann

He was one of the most successful traders that ever lived.

Born in Lufkin, Texas on June 6, 1878, William D Gann started commodity trading and stock market trading in 1902, and moved to New York City in 1908, opening his own brokerage firm, W.D. Gann & Co., at 18th and Broadway. click here for more.

William D Gann Predictions

His Remarkable Predictions and Trading Record.
"The Ticker and Investment Digest" (later became the Wall Street Journal) December of 1909.

Sometime ago the attention of this magazine was attracted by certain long pull Stock Market predictions which were being made by William D. Gann. In a large number of cases Mr. Gann gave us, in advance, the exact points at which certain stocks and commodities would sell, together with prices close to the then prevailing figures which would not be touched. click here for more.

W D Gann

How to Use His Unique Methods to Make Big Trading Profits.

In the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange, stands a life-sized picture of W D. Gann (1878 - 1955) and this is a testament to his standing amongst traders worldwide. Today he remains one of the most influential traders of all time. click here for more.

W. D. Gann's Square of Nine

William D. Gann used geometric and numerical relationships.

The Square of Nine, Square of 144, and the Hexagon. The Square of Nine, or Square as we will refer to here, can be constructed in at least two ways. click here for more.

The Gann Wheel

W. D. Gann. Gann stipulated that in financial market market tops and bottoms are related by numbers and angles.

The Gann wheel is an market analysis technique, which W. D. Gann sometimes called it the Wheel within Wheel. click here for more.

W D Gann – Made $50 Million Dollars

What Was The Secret Of His Success?

W D Gann is one of the most famous traders of all time. If you have never looked at his trading methods then this article is for you. Gann's innovative approach to trading is outlined in this article and we will give you an insight into how his trading methods can help you become a more profitable trader. click here for more.

The Secret of Gann Angles

The Secret of Better Market Timing for Big Profits!

W D Gann was an innovator in technical trading systems. Gann made fortune of over 50 million dollars Gann died in 1955, but his methods live on and traders around the world use them for big profits. click here for more.

Gann Angles


Gann Angles are trend lines or lines of resistance which take both time and price into account.

They are drawn from important tops and bottoms and can be applied on long term monthly and weekly graphs and short term daily graphs.  An Angle taken from a bottom which occurred many years ago can be very relevant to the current price action.

If a Gann Angle is broken on the upside, then higher prices are indicated.
If the Gann Angle is broken on the downside, then lower prices are indicated.

CLICK HERE for more.

Predicting the Market Using Gann Angles -

An Alternative Slant on Market Timing.

W D Gann was a prolific writer and trader, and created a fortune of over 50 million dollars (equivalent to 500 million today!). click here for more.

Trading Psychology -

the Right Mindset for BIG Profits!

The fact is the majority of traders lose because they cannot control their emotions. Trading psychology is one of the keys to investment success. click here for more.

The Right Mindset -

Adopt It and Make Huge Profits Now!

One trader who had the right mindset was W D Gann and he built a $50 million dollar fortune.
What actually do we mean by the right mindset? Well let’s consider a startling fact first:

Fact: 90% of traders lose because they cannot control their emotions. Getting the right mindset is essential and will help you make big profits click here for more.

FOREX Online System Trading -

For Bigger Profits.

The rise of the Internet and cheap powerful computers has made FOREX online system trading a reality for any trader, novice or pro. click here for more.

Investment Performance Risk & Return -

Deciding Which Are The Best Investments

When may people look to invest, they simply look at the annual rate of return, however performance also needs to be seen in terms of risk. click here

High Return Investments -

The Secret Of High Returns With Low Risk

High return investments are considered to have a high risk by their very nature, but it’s not as simple as that. click here for more.

Pensions -

Getting Better Performance For A Comfortable Retirement

This article is all about getting better pensions performance and will help you separate out the winning funds and asset managers from the losing ones. click here for more.

Commodity Investing -

Targeting 30-50% Annual Profits!

There are plenty of people who will manage a commodity investment for you, but you need to choose carefully as most lose! This article is all about picking a manager or doing it yourself via a software program and targeting the big gains that make commodity investing so lucrative. click here for more.

Fibonacci Numbers –

The Secret Of Better Market Timing & Profit Potential

The Fibonacci number sequence and golden ratio is important throughout nature, but traders such as W D Gann made great use of the sequence as a trading tool. click here for more.

High Yield Investments –

How To Target 30% + Annual Profits Consistently!

If you want a high yield investment you need to take into account several factors to see if the investment is likely to hit your target growth. click here for more.

Futures Trading Software -

Choosing a Package For Big Profit Potential!

The growth of the Internet has seen traders look more at the use of futures trading software as a way to increase their profit potential. click here for more.

Commodity Trading Systems -

Learn From a Trading Master and Boost Your Profit Potential!

Legendary trader W D Gann amassed a fortune of $50 million dollars in the first half of the last century, although he died in 1955, his commodity trading systems are still used today by traders all over the here for more.

The Art of Contrary Thinking -

You Need to know it to Trade Successfully!

The art of contrary thinking is one of the most powerful tools a trader can use, and is a trait with which all true great traders are familiar. click here for more.

Fibonacci Numbers -

How to Use Them for Huge Trading Profits!

The Fibonacci numbers sequence and the golden ratio have fascinated mathematicians for hundreds of years. click here for more.

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio -

3 Tips for Greater Trading Profits.

In this report, we will look at the history and background of Fibonacci numbers and The Golden Ratio. We will then outline three specific money management tips that can help increase your profit potential. click here for more.

FOREX Trading Systems -

Trading the Longer Term Trends for Bigger Profits.

How to Make BIG Profits with Currency Trading Systems FOREX markets turn over trillions of dollars per day and are the world's biggest investment medium. click here for more.

Mechanical Trading systems -

Spotting the Ones That Make Money!

Mechanical trading systems are, as you would expect, systems that make trading decisions for you. click here for more.

Pensions and Investments Performance -

How to Target a 20% Annual Return!

The most important criteria in picking pensions or investments to deposit your funds in, is their performance. click here for more.

Pensions Management -

Did Your Pension Return 20% Plus Last Year?

In terms of pensions management, your location in the world doesn't matter, nor does the type of pension you have - a sipps, a self-invested personal scheme, or a self-administered scheme. click here for more.

Stock Index Trading Systems -

Learn from one of the greatest Traders of all Time!

Trading using stock index trading systems has become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer traders a great speculative vehicle to seek above average profits. click here for