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William D Gann

Gann made over 50 million dollars in profits from his market forecasting and trading.

In the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange, stands a life-sized picture of W D. Gann (1878 - 1955) and this is a testament to his standing amongst traders worldwide. Today he remains one of the most influential traders of all time.

Documented evidence

From his time supports the claim that the Gann theory was on to something. In the month of September 1909, Gann allowed a newspaper reporter to follow along with him on the floor of New York Stock Exchange; the reporter claims to have witnessed Gann pulling off an amazing 92% winning trade ratio during those 30 days, a feat deemed to be virtually impossible by most professional traders, especially considering that he made over 250 trades during that month.

Gann claimed to have made over 50 million dollars in profits from his market forecasting and trading. After five decades of forecasting and trading, WD Gann moved to Miami, Florida where he continued writing, publishing, teaching, and studying the markets up until his death at 77 on June 14, 1955.

He claimed to base his market theory and forecasting methods on time, as well as on price, and said repeatedly that "time is the most important" when it comes to analyzing and forecasting market movements. He claimed to be able to determine not only what the turning-point's price would be, but also when it would occur. Gann was posthumously awarded the Market Technicians Association Annual Award in 1983, for his outstanding contributions to the field of technical analysis.

The theory of gann is now widely used throughout the world but it should be said that only a handful of practitioners actually publish their trading results for open viewing. One of these companies with a transparent approach to all their trading activities, using the Gann techniques and theories, are gann Management.

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